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Short Description
Docker image that is based on debian ruby 2.3.4 plus other useful package for building hydra apps
Full Description

Docker ruby 2.3.4 image to build hydra derived applications

What is this?

This is docker image that based on official ruby 2.3.4 docker image with some additional software


  1. Install Docker

In this Docker Container

It is based on official ruby 2.3.4 image. It also contains ffmpeg and fits packages.


It is not intended to be run by itself (unless you want to run bash shell).
It serves as a base for building hydra derived ruby applications.

Building image locally

  1. Clone current project:
    git clone
  2. Go to the directory where you cloned the project
    cd di_docker_images/rubyhydra-deb
    docker build . -t rubyhydra:2.3.4
  3. Alternatively you can always pull pre-build image from docker hub
    docker pull ualbertalib/rubyhydra:2.3.4


This image is maintained and automatically build in the University of Alberta Docker Hub

Frequently used commands

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