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Simple Migration for Postgres

Example usage

Imagine the following scenario: You want to execute a sql file (for example for migrations) on a running postgres container.

Internally this image uses the really useful shmig tool by naquad. You can specify the following environment variables to configure it

DB_USER=postgres # the user of the database
DB_PASSWORD=s3cr3tPw # password to the database
DB_NAME=postgres # the database name
DB_HOST=postgres_host # the host of the database, usually the name of the db container
SLEEP=n # sleep n seconds before executing

You can set these either through the -e switches of docker run or with the supplied docker-compose.yml

Additionally, you have to link the container to a running postgres container. The DB_HOST variable is usually corresponds to the name of the linked container.

Finally, the image expects you to mount a volume to /migrations to store migrations.

shmig usage

The default CMD of this image is up. If you want to run other commands, append the following options to your docker run or docker-compose run:

  • create my-migration creates a new migration with the name my-migration
  • up run your migrations
  • down revert your migrations

The complete documentation of shmig is available at

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