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Quick and dirty Dockerfile for Pagekit



You will have to link a mysql service in order to use this container. I suggest using orchardup/mysql:

$ docker run \
    --name pagekit_db_1 \
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=changethis \
    -e MYSQL_DATABASE=pagekit \
    -d \
$ docker run \
    --name pagekit_web_1 \
    --link pagekit_db_1:pagekit_db_1 \
    -P -d \

Then check the randomly allocated port:

$ docker port pagekit_web_1 80

The port will likely be different for you.

You can now access your Pagekit installation at http://localhost:49156/ (or whatever port Docker assigned to port 80 of your pagekit_web_1 container).

Database information

  • We've set the root password to changethis using the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD env var in orchardup/mysql. You can adjust the command line to change it to whatever you like.
  • Use pagekit_db_1 as the database host.


$ docker stop pagekit_web_1 pagekit_db_1


After having stopped the containers, you can restart them with docker restart:

$ docker start pagekit_db_1 pagekit_web_1

The order in which you start container is important here, because pagekit_web_1 needs a link from pagekit_db_1, so you have to start the db container first.

Also, please note that a new random port will be allocated to port 80 of pagekit_web_1, you have to use docker port again to get it.

With fig (recommended)

See Fig's documentation on how to install fig.


This is much more simple than running everything by hand:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-pagekit
$ fig up

Then use fig ps to determine the allocated port:

$ fig ps
        Name                Command         State        Ports
dockerpagekit_db_1     /usr/local/bin/run   Up       3306/tcp
dockerpagekit_data_1   /bin/true            Exit 0
dockerpagekit_web_1    /             Up       49159->80/tcp

You can now access your Pagekit instance at http://localhost:49159/.

Database information

  • Default root password for the mysql database is changethis. You should change it in the fig.yml.
  • Use pagekit_db_1 as the database host.


Use fig stop:

$ fig stop
Stopping dockerpagekit_web_1...
Stopping dockerpagekit_db_1...


To properly restart your Pagekit containers, use fig start:

$ fig start
Starting dockerpagekit_db_1...
Starting dockerpagekit_data_1...
Starting dockerpagekit_web_1...

Note that if you fig stop then fig up again, you will have to reinstall Pagekit, except it will fail because the database will already contain your user.

Use fig ps again to get the new allocated port.

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