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Tiny server for testing equivalence of two symbolic expressions.
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A not-quite-so-tiny-any-more server for testing the equivalence of two algebraic expressions using SymPy.

To use, either docker pull ucamcldtg/equality-checker or list it as an image in a Docker Compose file. Port 5000 of the container will need to be mapped to the port the checker is expected to listen on.

For instance, run:

docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name equality-checker ucamcldtg/equality-checker

Your server should be running at http://localhost:5000/check.
Now make JSON-based POST requests with target and test expression strings, e.g.

    "target": "x + 3",
    "test": "3 + x",
    "description": "An optional description for the logs!"

which will get a response like:

    "equal": "true",
    "equality_type": "exact",
    "parsedTarget": "x + 3",
    "parsedTest": "x + 3",
    "target": "x + 3",
    "test": "3 + x"

or, if something went wrong, an error like:

    "error": "Some error message here",

To see live output:

docker logs -f equality-checker
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