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order service
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udaChef order service

Make sure you have either yarn or npm installed globally

Install everything needed by running:


You will need to set the MONGO_USER and MONGO_PASSWORD ENV variables for the project to run

If you simply want to run the project

yarn start

If you want to run it with a watcher, allowing for faster development

yarn run watch

To deploy

yarn run build
yarn run serve


To run the dockerized version you first must build the docker image.
Step into the /udachef-order-service directory and run

docker build -t <your-username>:udachef-order-service .

You have now built the docker image. Too see your images run docker images

To run your image inside a container run

docker run -d -p <port-you-want>:7000 <image-name>

To see your running containers run

docker ps

To stop or kill a running container run (<container-id> from above command )

docker stop <container-id> 
docker kill <container-id>
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