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udaChef user service
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User service

This repo's purpose is to store user object when connecting a 3rd party login provider (Like Facebook). It stores a fb_id and a timestamp to know when the last authentication was made.

How to setup locally
  1. Checkout the repo
  2. Run docker build -t <name-of-service> .
  3. Start the server by running
    docker run -p <port-you-want>:6000 -e MONGO_USER=<username-for-db> -e MONGO_PASSWORD=<password-for-db> <name-of-service>
  4. The server is now available at localhost:<port-you-want>
How to setup locally (without Docker)

Make sure you have either yarn or npm installed globally

Install everything needed by running:


If you simply want to run the project

yarn start

If you want to run it with a watcher, allowing for faster development

yarn run watch

To deploy

yarn run build
yarn run serve


  • GET /user/<id>

    Returns a user by its id

  • GET /user/batch/?ids

    Returns an array of users by their ids

  • POST /login

    Payload {"accessToken": <fbAccessToken>} Create or update a user in the database based on the returning FB profile that the token corresponds to.

  • PATCH /user/<id>

    Patch a user object

The Mongo instance is running on free 500mb service. The login is stored in 1Password

Database: staging-users
URI: mongodb://<dbuser>:<dbpassword>

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