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Conversion of the solr part of the stackdump project to a Docker container.
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This image runs the Apache Solr part of Samuel Lai's Stackdump project.

Running the container

In order for this container to work correctly with the other stackdump containers (importer and runner), it needs a volume mount from an outside data folder to /var/solr/data (in the container). The outside data folder must be available for (and used by) the other stackdump containers as well.
Also, port forwarding for the solr port (8983, currently unchangeable) is necessary.
Finally, all 3 containers must exist on the same host with the same network for them to be able to interact (i.e. --net=host must be supplied to the docker run command).

Running example:

    docker run -it --name solr --rm -v /home/user/data_stackdump:/var/solr/data --net=host -p 8983:8983 udidoron/stackdump-solr:latest


All credits for the original Stackdump project go to Samuel Lai. The Solr project belongs to the Apache software foundation.

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