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Raspberry Pi compatible image containing a Xymon server, customized icon set and samba addon.
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This is a Raspberry Pi compatible image based on resin/rpi-raspbian, featuring the Xymon monitoring server, a customized icon set and samba addon. Debian/Raspbian bug in criticaleditor.cgi is also patched. This image has been successfully tested on a Raspberry Pi 3 running HypriotOS

To access the Xymon status page, point your brwoser to http://<your IP>.

Run it with the following command:
docker run -d -h '<your hostname>' -p 1984:1984 -p 80:80 -p 443:443 ufud/rpi-xymon

User for xymon administration is: xymon
Password for admin user xymon is: p@ssw0rd

The Dockerfile can be downloaded here:

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