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Directory SSO
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Service for authenticating users for services that serve the Exporting is Great campaign for the Department for International Trade (DIT).

See also:

directory-api directory-ui-buyer directory-ui-supplier directory-ui-export-readiness
directory-sso directory-sso-proxy directory-sso-profile

For more information on installation please check the Developers Onboarding Checklist


Docker >= 1.10

Docker Compose >= 1.8

Local installation

$ git clone
$ cd directory-sso
$ make

Running with Docker

Requires all host environment variables to be set.

$ make docker_run

Run debug webserver in Docker

Provides defaults for all environment variables.

$ make docker_debug

Run tests in Docker

$ make docker_test

Host environment variables for docker-compose

.env files will be automatically created with, based on env.json and env-postgres.json.

Running locally without Docker


$ git clone
$ cd directory-sso
$ virtualenv .venv -p python3.5
$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements_text.txt

Running the webserver

$ source .venv/bin/activate
$ make debug_webserver

Running the tests

$ make debug_test


Setup debug environment

Requires locally running PostgreSQL (e.g. for the Mac)

$ make debug

Run debug webserver

$ make debug_webserver

Run debug tests

$ make debug_test

Development data

For development efficiency a dummy user can be loaded into the database from fixtures/development.json. To do this run:

make loaddata

The credentials for the development user

To update fixtures/development.json with the current contents of the database run:

make dumpdata

Then check the contents of fixtures/development.json.

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