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The Export Wins backend
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The data server component for the export-wins application, a backend providing APIs.

See the corresponding projects export-wins-ui and export-wins-ui-mi and

Note, UI project will need to be rebooted after making changes to models of this project since it gets info on startup from this project

Environment Variables you probably want to set

(see for details)

DATA_SERVER='localhost:8001'  # port you run this project on, for front-ends



You need a Postgres database to connect to, to run Postgres in a docker container run:

docker run -d -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_DB=export-wins-data postgres:9

Now set your DATABASE_URL to include the default user postgres:

export DATABASE_URL='postgres://postgres@'

Dummy data

Once you have a database you'll need some data.

Start with the migrate command to set-up your tables:
$ ./ migrate

This means you have some MI targets and all the wins tables set up but no users or wins

Create a user:
$ ./ create_mi_user --email
User created with password: ********
User added to mi_group
Create missing HVCs:
$ ./ create_missing_hvcs
Create some wins:

the following command will create 1000 confirmed wins across all sectors as the last
user that was added to the system

$ ./ generate_fake_db 1000

This currently only creates wins for FY2015/2016 so you'll need to view that year if
you want to see any data.


The image for this should be built by docker hub automatically.


Create the required env variables and network alias, then run this:

docker run -d -p 8000:8000 -e "SECRET_KEY=${SECRET_KEY}" -e "ADMIN_SECRET=${ADMIN_SECRET}" -e "UI_SECRET=${UI_SECRET}" -e "MI_SECRET=${MI_SECRET}" -e "DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres@" -e "EMAIL_HOST=${EMAIL_HOST}" -e "EMAIL_PORT=${EMAIL_PORT}" ukti/export-wins-data:latest
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