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Export Wins Front end
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The UI component for the export-wins application


You need to have two ENV vars set UI_SECRET and DATA_SERVER.

  • UI_SECRET is the secret created by the data server
  • DATA_SERVER is the URL to the data server i.e.


If you want useful errors when there is an error also create:



There is a grunt build process which:

  • builds the bootstrap CSS from SASS
  • concat/uglify the bootstrap JS
  • builds the app CSS from SASS
  • concat/uglify the app JS

First we need the dependencies:

npm install

To run the build:

npm run build

There is also a watch task to run the build automatically:

npm run watch


As we aren't using a lot of the features provided by Bootstrap, there is a copy of the bootstrap.scss file called main.scss and this has several of the components removed - so if you want to use something and it doesn't seem to work, this will probably be why.

This also includes the JavaScript: all the available files are included in the Gruntfile.js but most have been commented out.


You will need a python virtual env for this project, as ask a python dev if unsure how to do this.

To run the app you need to install the python requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

and then run:

python runserver

This will likely get a conflict of port number from the data server (which should already be running), so you can specify a port:

python runserver

IE 7

We have several users that seem to be stuck with IE 7, so we therefore need to support it.

To try and enable support of IE 7 to Bootstrap, an ie7.css has been included, with a box-sizing polyfill


The docker image should be built automatically in docker hub. To start the image you need to pass the required env variables:


docker run -e "COOKIE_SECRET=${COOKIE_SECRET}" -e "UI_SECRET=${UI_SECRET}" -e "DATA_SERVER=" -e "SECRET_KEY=${SECRET_KEY}" -e "DEBUG=True" -d -p 8002:8001 ukti/export-wins-ui:latest


Linux can connect to the host and so as long as you have a data server running on port 8000, this will work:

docker run -e "COOKIE_SECRET=${COOKIE_SECRET}" -e "UI_SECRET=${UI_SECRET}" -e "SECRET_KEY=${SECRET_KEY}" -e "DEBUG=True" --net=host -d -p 8002:8001 ukti/export-wins-ui:latest
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