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Service for discovering and interacting with APIs that allow access to UKWA content.
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This Flask RESTPlus application acts as a front-end for our access-time API services.


All APIs are documented using Swagger, and the system includes Swagger UI. e.g. when running in dev mode, you can go to:


and you'll get a UI that describes the APIs. (This may not be directly visible in production, i.e. when running behind a proxy.)

Currently, it provides the ARK and URL resolution services.

ARK Resolver

This looks up ARKs in a simple text file. See api-data/arks.txt for an example.


It just maps an ARK to a timestamp and URL, which is then passed to the Wayback Resolver.

The file should be generated from W3ACT in a separate process, see python-shepherd for details.

Wayback Resolver

This takes the timestamp and URL of interest, and redirects to the appropriate Wayback instance.

Development & Deployment

For development, you can run it (in a suitable virtualenv) using:

$ pip install -f requirements.txt
$ python

For testing/production, it's designed to run under Docker, using gunicorn as the runtime engine.

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