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A fork of the stream-oriented-kurento image with a customizable output bitrate
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Kurento Custom Bitrate

This docker image is a fork of the stream-oriented-kurento docker image that has a customizable output bitrate.

How to change the default bitrate

By default, KMS has an output bitrate limited to 500kbps for RTSP streams. If you want a good streaming quality, you might want to bypass this limit. This image does just that, with the OUTPUT_BITRATE environment variable.

When running this image, specify the OUTPUT_BITRATE environment variable using the -e option like such:

docker run -d --name kurento -e OUTPUT_BITRATE=2048000 -p 8888:8888 ullaakut/kurento-custom-bitrate

This will set the maximum output bitrate to 2Mbps.

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