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Merge multiple podcast feeds
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Feed Master

Pulls multiple podcast feeds (RSS) and republishes as a common feed, properly sorted and podcast-client friendly.

Run directly

  • Edit config/ (sample provided)
  • update feeds update -m <mongo-host>
  • publish merged rss file generate -m <mongo-host> -f /path/to/feed.xml

Run in docker (short version)

  • make build
  • make run-with-mongo
  • hit http://localhost:8099/feed.xml

Run in docker (longer version)

  • build docker build -t umputun/feed-master .
  • run dockerized mongo docker run -d --name=mongodb -p 27017:27017 mongo
  • run feed master linked to mongo docker run -d --name feed-master -v /path/to/config:/srv/config -p 8099:8099 --link mongodb:mongodb umputun/feed-master


  • feed.xml served via with SimpleHTTPServer. Good enough for single-user or feed it to feedburner. If you need some real server - expose /srv/data to your host and serve it with nginx/apache.
  • feed master runs in 10mins loops, see sleep 600 in
  • making mongo persistent may be a good idea. Makefile has run-with-mongo target doing this.
  • change of requires reload, i.e. make reload or docker restart feed-master for dockerized version.
  • you can get feed-master from docker hub docker pull umputun/feed-master
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