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Docker container for Nextcloud with integrated Letsencrypt client
Full Description

Docker + Nextcloud + Let's Encrypt

This is a docker container that includes the letsencrypt certbot client.


  1. Install Docker
  2. Install docker image and run it

     docker pull undeadhunter/nextcloud-letsencrypt
     docker run -it --name nc --hostname hostname -p 80:80 -p 443:443 undeadhunter/nextcloud-letsencrypt
  3. In your browser go to the IP address of your server (eg http://serverip)

  4. Follow the nextcloud setup

Enabling letsencrypt

  1. Install docker image with env variables CERTBOT_DOMAIN="hostname" and CERTBOT_EMAIL="email" make sure the hostname corresponds with the hostname of the docker

     docker run -it --name nc --hostname hostname -e CERTBOT_DOMAIN="hostname" -e CERTBOT_EMAIL="email" -p 80:80 -p 443:443 undeadhunter/nextcloud-letsencrypt
  2. Run the certbot script, it will use the env variables and pull your certificate

     docker exec -it nc /
  3. Wait 1 minute

  4. Your host should now be accessible on https://serverip

By default all requests to HTTP will be automatically forwarded to HTTPS

Exposing Volumes

As always you can expose volumes like any other docker image

The following volumes might be usefull to expose


These folders contain the users files and the general config files needed to configure nextcloud.
Make sure Docker has write access to those folders (www-data usually is enough)!

Docker Pull Command