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Just a version bump of dreamcat4/jackett
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This container runs 2 services simultaneously:

  1. The 'new' jackett (of Jackett/Jackett) is available on TCP port 9117

  2. The 'old' legacy jackett --> is renamed to 'Jackett-public', to still provide public indexers. This is now available on TCP 9118

Credit: @raspdealer


  • Both instances run as the same shared jackett unix user account, and run simultaneously
  • They each have their own sepeate config folders located inside of /config/.config/
  • Logging is mixed up, going to same stdout/stderr docker logs command
  • Cmdline flags can be passed with 2 separate docker env vars, $_jackett_args and $_jackett_public_args
  • The legacy jackett-public old version may break anytime in the future


All user configuration is performed in the web interface. Therefore there is no pre-seeded /config files. You are recommended to bind-mount all of your needed host folders, and backup independantly your jackett config directory with some scripted / scheduled task.

You will use jackett's web interface to specify it's configuration. Since jackett is an indexer with local API access, there are no folders to mount aside from the configuration in /config.

File permissions

By default jackett will run as the jackett user and group. With a default uid:gid of 9117:9117. The same as it's TCP port number. So you will never forget.

You can change it's UID and GID to your liking by setting the following docker env vars:


By specifying an alternative uid and gid as a number, this lets you control which folder(s) jackett has read/write access to.

Add your host user account to the jackett group

If you do not change jackett's gid number to match your other accounts, then you can instead permit your own host account(s) file access to jackett's folders by making the group permissions writable e.g. chmod 0664 and 0775.

On the host side you will need to create a jackett group, adding your own user account to be a member of the same group gid (the default value of jackett's gid is 9117). Copy-paste these commands:

sudo groupadd -g 9117 jackett
sudo usermod -a -G jackett $(id -un)

Docker Compose

Sorry there is no example for Docker Compose at this time. But you may do something similar:



    image: dreamcat4/jackett
      net: none
        - jackett_uid=65534
        - jackett_gid=44
        - pipework_wait=eth0
        - pipework_cmd_eth0=eth0 -i eth0 @CONTAINER_NAME@
      detach: true

The pipework_ variables are used to setup networking with the dreamcat4/pipework helper image.

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