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Print host reservations directly from Postgres instance used by Kea.
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Container intended to get all host reservations from a running ungleich/ungleich-kea container.

Creating the container

If you want to specify the database connection parameters manually, you can run/create the container like this:

docker run --name hosts --network=<user-defined-network> -e HOST=postgres -e DB=kea_db -e USER=kea -e PASSWORD=dummy_password ungleich/ungleich-host-inventory

Otherwise, if you prefer to take the parameters directly from a running Kea container, you can run/create the container with:

docker run --name hosts --network=<user-defined-network> --volumes-from=<running-kea-container> ungleich/ungleich-host-inventory

Getting host reservations at any time.

Later, when you need to know the full list of host reservations, you can simply reuse the previously created container:

docker start -i hosts

How to update database credentials?

When you need to update the database credentials (whether specified manually or automatically), you need to destroy the container and create a new one.

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