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Internet2 Grouper Dockerized


"Grouper is an enterprise access management system designed for the highly distributed management environment and heterogeneous information technology environment common to universities. Operating a central access management system that supports both central and distributed IT reduces risk."

The project is a collection of dockerized images of the Grouper components:

With these images, adoptors can quickly start up a Grouper environment by creating customize images that are based on these images and just overlay the customized Grouper property files. An example of doing this can be found at

Quick Start

Seeing these images in action is a easy as downloading the source in and running docker-compose up. This command will pull the Grouper images, configure customized image from the pulled images with a self contained MySQL database and 389-ds LDAP Server populated with some basic sample data, and starts a Grouper Daemon, UI, and WS container instances.

This process will take several minutes and lots of bandwidth to initially download and build these instances.

To stop the containers, press Ctrl+C, then run docker-compose down to clean things up a bit. Calling docker-compose up should run much faster for subsequent runs.


More coming soon...


The full collection of Grouper images includes:

  • grouper-java-base : This base image installs OpenJDK-based Zulu 8 Update 72 and is used by all of the other Grouper images.

  • grouper-api : This image builds on the grouper-java-base and installs the Grouper API. This images used used by the daemon, web-base (UI/WS), and any other images that need to utilize the Grouper API.

  • grouper-daemon : This image builds on the grouper-api and is configured to run the Grouper daemon.

  • grouper-web-base : This image builds on the grouper-api and installs Apache Ant and Tomcat. This images used used by the Grouper UI and Grouper WS services images.

  • grouper-ui : This image builds on the grouper-web-base and installs the Grouper UI.

  • grouper-ws : This image builds on the grouper-web-base and installs the Grouper WS.

Image Comparisons

Visit the following links to visually see the layout of each image stack:



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