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IDV Test instruction
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To run the IDV tests:

The easiest way is to simply clone Therein you will find a script which you can run.

The first time you do this, docker is going to pull a ton of resources, but after that, the tests should run more quickly with respect to Docker infrastructure.

Note that master here refers to the branch on the idv-test project. So far, there is only one other branch threddsRC, that will test the threddsRC server.

It takes a while to run these tests (an hour on my MacBook Pro).

Open the compare.html file in the test results directory to see the results the tests. The images are sorted by maximum difference compared to the baseline images (so the images with the biggest differences are first).

Adding new tests works like this:

Clone Add the bundle to idv-test/bundles/ and the expected images idv-test/baseline/, and send a pull request. Expected test images can be generated with the testIDV (next to runIDV) executable. If the new bundle in question requires static test data, put it here. In your bundle, point the IDV to /tmp/data/ to find your test data.

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