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A wordpress blog at UNINETT - hosted at
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A blog about identity, technology etc.

This repository holds the Dockerfile building the blog environment, as well as kubernetes config files, and build and deployment scripts.

Initial setup

Setting up rnd.feide.on on Google Container Engine.

kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/secrets.yaml
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/deployment.json
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/service.json
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/ingress-ssl.yaml
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/ingress.yaml

Setup testing:

kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/secrets-testing.yaml
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/deployment-testing.json
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/service-testing.json
kubectl create --namespace production -f etc-kube/ingress-testing.yaml

Setting up firewall on GKE_SERVICE_TOKEN

export TAG=$(gcloud compute instances describe $NODE --format="value(tags.items[0])")
export NODE_PORT=$(kubectl --namespace production get -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services feidernd-testing)
gcloud compute firewall-rules create feidernd-testing-allow-130-211-0-0-22 --source-ranges --target-tags $TAG --allow tcp:$NODE_PORT

export NODE_PORTP=$(kubectl --namespace production get -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services feidernd)
gcloud compute firewall-rules create feidernd-allow-130-211-0-0-22 --source-ranges --target-tags $TAG --allow tcp:$NODE_PORTP

Perform deployment configuration updates

Comit changes to test in master branch.

When verified:

git checkout stable && git merge master
git push

Local development and builds

docker build -t uninettno/feidernd:testing .
docker run -p 8080:80 --env-file etc/ENV uninettno/feidernd:testing

Update secrets

kubectl --namespace production replace secret feidernd-testing -f etc-kube/secrets-testing.yaml
kubectl --namespace production replace deployment feidernd-testing -f etc-kube/deployment-testing.json
kubectl --namespace production replace secret feidernd -f etc-kube/secrets.yaml
kubectl --namespace production replace deployment feidernd -f etc-kube/deployment.json

Create service account: (not used yet)

kubectl --namespace production create -f etc-kube/serviceAccount.yaml
kubectl --namespace production get pods
kubectl --namespace production get ing
kubectl --namespace production describe ingress uninett-ingress

kubectl --namespace production logs -f feidernd-2511762231-jl76h

Update ingress
kubectl --namespace production replace -f etc-kube/ingress.yaml

Get service account:

kubectl --namespace production get serviceaccounts/circleci -o yaml
kubectl --namespace production get secrets/circleci-token-e78a4 -o yaml
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