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United Effects Domain Services as part of UE Auth
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This micro-service validates a user + grant code to provide an access token.

This repository is intended to be open source and will be made public when operational.


This micro-service is standalone and can be utlized in any number of micro-service architectures. It is provided as part of the United Effects Platform and is primarily designed to operate with UE technologies.


MVP Complete

  • POST /register - register a new domain (authentication and active license will be required)
  • GET /token - Basic Auth + Grant Code - validate an existing user and grant code and provide a access token
  • GET /validate - Bearer - validate access token and return the token + meta data (expiration date)


Bearer Authentication = (B)

  • GET (B) /domain/id - Bearer Auth - return domain profile
  • PUT (B) /domain/id - Bearer Auth - update a domain profile (will not include user updates)
  • GET (B) /domain/id/users - Bearer Auth - return domain users
  • PATCH (B) /domain/id/users - Bearer Auth - add a new user to a domain
  • DELETE (B) /domain/id/users/id - Bearer Auth - removes one from a domain
  • DELETE (B) /domain/id - (owner or admin) - sets a domain as inactive (Soft delete only)
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