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Payment system for using api
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A intended payment system initially designed to use as its primary processing API but able to be modified for additional charge technologies.




  • docker pull unitedeffects/ue-pc-payment:latest
  • See config for environment variables need to run with docker run

API documentation at http://localhost:3003


  • clone this repo
  • npm install
  • bower install //this is for the swagger UI
  • npm start

API documentation at http://localhost:3003


  • This API assumes that you will use Stripe Elements to create an appropriate credit card page in order to tokenize a card and send it to the /api/payments/charge endpoint with the following data:
  "amount": "258",
  "process": {
    "postcards": [
        "id": "id-of-postcard-to-process-1"
        "id": "id-of-postcard-to-process-2"
  "stripeToken": "string",
  "stripeTokenType": "card",
  "stripeEmail": "string"
  • Notice that the amount is in cents. Using the stripe client side API you will be able to obtain the stripeToken information.
  • In order to help you test, I've made /stripe available to you in the browser. Use this to generate tokens and sample data that you can send to the endpoint above.
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