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A minimal BIND based DNSSEC resolver for docker.

Build instructions:

These instructions are to rebuild this image. Normally you would just follow
the usage instuctions below to run the image built by docker hub.

git clone
docker build -t 'unixtastic/bind-dnssec-resolver' .

Usage instructions:

To download, install, and run the container as built by docker hub enter the following line:
docker run -d -p 53:53/udp -p 53:53 unixtastic/bind-dnssec-resolver

It is recommended to forward port 53 on both UDP and TCP as large replies
may failover to TDP.


This is a BIND based minimal DNSSEC resolver. It uses the internet root zone
keys and the ISC's lookaside keys to cryptographical validate DNS data. It will
also resolve non-DNSSEC enabled domains.

This Dockerfile rebuilds BIND from the official ISC sources. The BIND
configuration is kept absolutely minimal.

Note that using the same DNS daemon as both a DNS server and a DNS resolver is not
considered best practice and may make cache poisioning or DOS attacks more likely.
This image is deliberately just a DNS resolver. As the resolver libraries have
no way to query on any port except 53 running a server and resolver on the
same IP isn't possible. You may run both on the same machine only if you use two

TODO: Consider adding reply rate limiting (RRL) to this.

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