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A minimal GIT server.

Build instructions

git clone
docker build -t 'unixtastic/git-ssh-server' .

Usage instructions

To run this first create a data directory on your docker host to hold git data, ssh authentication,
and possibly git-shell-commands.

mkdir /docker_data/git

Run the container.

docker run -d -p 2222:22 -v /docker_data/git:/git unixtastic/git-ssh-server

You may substitute '2222' with any port number of your choosing.

Add users

Setup SSH:

cd /docker_data/git
mkdir .ssh
chown -R 987:987 .ssh
chmod -R 700 .ssh
touch .ssh/authorized_keys
chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

Add user public keys to .ssh/authorized_keys just like you would do for 'normal' SSH.

touch /docker_data/git/.hushlogin to prevent login banners that can confuse git.

Setup repos

mkdir /docker_data/git/mynewproject.git
cd /docker_data/git/mynewproject.git
git --bare init
chown -R 987:987 .

Clone the repo from a client:

git clone ssh://git@myserver:2222/git/mynewproject.git

Setup git-shell-commands

mkdir /docker_data/git/git-shell-commands
chown 987:987 /docker_data/git/git-shell-commands
chmod 700 /docker_data/git/git-shell-commands

Add your commands to the above directory. You might want to start with list, which
you can find under /usr/share/doc on most git client machines.


The SSH host keys are generated at the first run of each new container. This will confuse some git clients and really should be changed.

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