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Global key-value discovery service written in Golang
Full Description

  • Beacon is a key-value discovery service for designed for nsproxy but with global use. This project is mainly taken from
  • Beacon allows for host discovery by uploading a hosts ip to the beacon server. Once an ip is registered in beacon, clients are able to pull the ip globally. The beacon api is available for public use globally at This service exposes an api where clients can request a beacon id and their clients can fetch the data.
  • A general usage flow is as follows:
    • A user requests a new id with /provision
    • A beacon client updates the ip with /update
    • Any client can fetch this ip with /<beacon id>
  • The service can be run bare on the host or in a docker container

All documentation is in the github wiki

Beacon is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE in the root of the project for details.

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