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Liverpool 2016 Sprint

Tools needed

1. Node.JS

Download the LTS version from here. It comes bundled with it's package manager "npm".

2. Grunt.JS

Get the task runner's CLI from here. Basically you have to run the following
command as Administrator in Linux/OSX:

sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

3. Bower.JS

The package manager can be installed by following the instructions, you just need to run:

npm install -g bower

Getting the project

Simply checkout the project on your machine and afterwards you need to follow these steps to download all of the

  1. change directory to the root of the checked-out git project
  2. dependencies for the task runner will be downloaded in the directory node_modules - run: npm install
  3. project dependencies are downloaded in the vendor directory - run: bower install
  4. build the project - run: grunt default

Running the project locally

Grunt will run a small HTTP server serving the project files on the port 9000. For this you have to start it up using:

grunt watch

After a short period you'll see:

Running "express-server:devServer" (express-server) task
Web server started on port:9000, hostname: localhost [pid: 46492]
Running "delta" task

At this point you can navigate with your browser to http://localhost:9000/

The watch task has Live Reloading enabled, so all your changes in the projects source files will be automatically
visible in the browser if you install the Live Reload plugin.

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