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Short Description
Letsencrypt managed SSL certs and automated reverse proxy for AdHoc Rancher Odoo containers.
Full Description

Rancher SSL/LetsEncrypt GCE Nginx Docker Proxy

Runs via supervisord nginx and cron.

cron is used to reconfigure nginx if changes are picked up from the host node.

Designed for use with Rancher on a GCE Ubuntu VM.

Uses AdHoc Rancher Catalog Odoo containers what have the special ENV variables for
configuring nginx proxy: VIRTUAL_HOST and VIRTUAL_PORT

VIRTUAL_HOST is the DNS host name.
VIRTUAL_PORT is a comma seperated list of ports to proxy. In this case hardcoded in .tpl and code
for Odoo http and Odoo chat/IM traffic.

Configures and maintains certbot/letsencrypt SSL certs

New ENV cOtherServerNames support for alternate server names has been added.
You may add via the adhoc-rancher catalog cOtherServerNames=alist.of.hosts;;;
You can add 8 semi-colon separated host names. For certbot to work A records must point to this server.

If you are using your own SSL certs you must prepopulate your node /etc/letsencrypt/live dir with the correct files.

dockprox program

Very simple unix socket reader and JSON parser are used together with a simple template
system to create nginx configuration file.

Designed to limit dependencies and be very fast and lightweight.

In the provided case for an Odoo ERP proxy.

Uses io.rancher labels and other docker API data to configure.

Easy to modify

With very basic C language skills dockprox.c is easy to change to suit your own needs. You should
be able to figure out how to parse any Docker or Rancher label name/value data.

Same with the template sections and the conf .tpl files.

nginx/ dir contains /etc/nginx/conf.d/ configuration section
templates for server and upstream.

nginx/nginx.conf and nginx/default.conf can be easily modified
and then the Docker image rebuit.

The scripts/ is also simple to modify.


Edit dockprox.c and nginx/.tpl files, then::

    docker build -t unxsio/nginxssl-dockprox .
    docker run --restart unless-stopped --name nginxssl-dockprox -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /etc/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock:ro -d unxsio/nginxssl-dockprox


Contact for free limited support.

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