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UpdateHub QEMU runner Docker image
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UpdateHub QEMU runner Docker image

UpdateHub provides a generic and safe Firmware Over-The-Air agent for
Embedded and Industrial Linux-based devices. This repository provides
a QEMU runner for UpdateHub test and development.


  • i386 emulation
  • x86-64 emulation
  • fixed and dynamic MAC address setting
  • persistent image support


The following environmnts are available:

  • ARCH=<architecutre> (required)
  • IMAGE=<image name> (required)
  • MAC=<mac address> (optional)

The IMAGE environmnt points to the image name to be loaded by the
virtual machine (e.g: updatehub-image-minimal-uh-qemu-x86-64.wic). The
image is loaded from the /state volume so an example usage is:

docker run --rm \
       -v $PWD:/state \
       -e ARCH=x86-64 \
       -e IMAGE=updatehub-image-minimal-uh-qemu-x86-64.wic \
       -it updatehub/qemu-runner
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