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Upfluence OPS repository

What you will find here:

  1. service-images: Dockerfiles to build common services and side-kicks.
  2. contrib: Usefull and awesome scripts to build those dockerfiles
  3. services: systemd units

How to use this:

  1. ensure you have a dockerd available
  2. run "contrib/setup build", it'll take some time...
  3. so...get some coffee
  4. enjoy working with us :-)


message "Invalid registry endpoint" when pushing images :

Just declare our registry as insecure passing "--insecure-registry" to dockerd args.

Using boot2docker

  1. boot2docker up && boot2docker ssh
  2. sudo -s
  3. echo 'EXTRA_ARGS="--insecure-registry"' > /var/lib/boot2docker/
  4. exit boot2docker
  5. boot2docker restart

contrib/ scripts

You have to add a --image-id ami-xxxx-xxx option to create an
instance. Please choose the latest stable version of coreos.

Which Redis Database you should use

In the table below, a match between the project categories and the database number used for it.
Note that Brain is not listed because it has its own Redis server and does not share it.

Project category Database number
Production (Facade, Signr) 0
Staging (only Signr for now) 1
Sensu-relateds 2
Harvest 4
Publishr / Spn 6
Caching 7
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