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This image was designed to allow easy deployment of standalone applications.

Provided some environment properties, it is capable of downloading a distribution (zip or jar), from a Nexus repository manager, and runnning it.

Necessary Environment Properties


  • $NEXUS_URL = Nexus' base URL
  • $NEXUS_USER = Nexus' username with necessary permissions to download the distribution
  • $NEXUS_PASSWORD = User's password
  • $NEXUS_REPOSITORY = Nexus' repository's name, where the distribution is located


  • $ARTIFACT_GROUP = The artifact's group
  • $ARTIFACT_NAME = The artifact's name
  • $ARTIFACT_VERSION = The artifact's version to be downloaded
  • $ARTIFACT_EXTENSION = The artifact's filex extension. Only necessary when packaged as zip, as Nexus' default is jar

Optional Environment Properties

  • $JAVA_OPTIONS = Extra Java options to be declared when running the jar (not available when running from zip)
  • $ARGS = Arguments to be passed to the jar (not available when running from zip)
  • Any other environment property you might want to set in your environment

How to run

docker run -e NEXUS_USER=yourusername -e NEXUS_PASSWORD=yourpassword -e NEXUS_URL= -e NEXUS_REPOSITORY=releases -e ARTIFACT_GROUP=com.domain -e ARTIFACT_NAME=your-artifact -e ARTIFACT_VERSION=desired-version -e FILE_EXTENSION=zip -e YOUR_PROPERTY=props-value uppoints/docker-nexus-jar-runner
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