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Storefront for UrbanityShop

Install Bower and Gulp

npm install -g bower gulp

Install Storefront packages

npm install

Workflow with gulp

Build Storefront

Builds project and moves files on the destination folder. Makes concat and minify css and JS. Compiling SASS to css. Checks JS on errors using JSHint

gulp build

Run Client in Development Mode

Moves images, bower-files into destination folder. Compiling sass. Adds watcher on a changes in css, scss, js, html and images. After a change these files browser automatically will be update content

gulp build && gulp dev
gulp build && gulp serve

Run Unit Tests

Not configured yet. Will be realized in the near future

gulp test

Also useful are the following commands

gulp jshint // check js on errors
gulp sass   // Makes compilation sass to css
gulp clean  // Removes the _dist_ folder

How to run urbanityshop/storefront docker container

Pull latest image from docker hub

docker pull urbanityshop/storefront

For dev start the container with gulp serve

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -t urbanityshop/storefront gulp serve

For stg and prod start the container using nginx

docker run -d -p 80:80 -t urbanityshop/storefront service nginx start
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