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Beanstalkd:1.10 - Alpine:3.4
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Beanstalkd Alpine Docker File


-b DIR   wal directory
-f MS    fsync at most once every MS milliseconds (use -f0 for "always fsync")
-F       never fsync (default)
-l ADDR  listen on address (default is
-p PORT  listen on port (default is 11300)
-u USER  become user and group
-z BYTES set the maximum job size in bytes (default is 65535)
-s BYTES set the size of each wal file (default is 10485760)
          (will be rounded up to a multiple of 512 bytes)
-c       compact the binlog (default)
-n       do not compact the binlog
-v       show version information
-V       increase verbosity
-h       show this help


$ docker run -d -p 11300:11300 -v <docker_volume_name>:/data uretgec/docker-beanstalkd-alpine 

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