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GitBucket container with Automated Build
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GitBucket container with Automated Build.
This container was made with i386 docker. So, if you are using i386 Docker environment, this container is acceptable in your Docker environment.


docker run -d -p 18080:8080 utimukat55/dockeri386gitbucket

In this case, Docker Host's port 18080 is assigned for container.
And container -- GitBucket -- runs at "http://${Docker host's IP ddress}:18080/".



docker build

Dockerfile is here.

Please note last line like below.

Step 7 : CMD ["java", "-jar", "/opt/gitbucket.war"]

---> Running in 19baf2ba45ff

---> 02be24b2e5f4

Successfully built 02be24b2e5f4

In this case, "02be24b2e5f4" is IMAGE ID.

Run GitBucket

If you built, you can run GitBucket.

docker run -d -p 18080:8080 utimukat55/i386gitbucket

Access "http://${Docker host's IP ddress}:18080/" with browser.

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