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A simple Docker tool that helps managing Wordpress websites.
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WPEngine Command Line Utility

Managing multiple WPEngine installs can be a hassle, and Wordpress in general doesn't intuitively integrate well into modern development workflows. Deploying a WPEngine install locally can take several hours since you need to set up a web server, pull files from WPEngine, and process the production database for use locally. It is even harder to manage multiple WPEngine installs on the same machine.

wpe-tool is a command line utility for managing Wordpress installs that integrates our own workflow into WPEngine-specific projects. It contains a boilerplate Wordpress install that includes configurations for:

  • Continuous integration using GitLab CI using wpe-deploy;
  • Local deployments using docker-compose, and;
  • Pulling from SFTP using pysftp

The goal behind this tool is to integrate our own workflow into an all-in-one tool that can exist outside the repository and with only install-specific information stored on the repository. Not only is running a local server as simple as running a one-line command, but it can also be used to deploy to WPEngine staging and production servers without any of these development configuration files.

The requirements are listed in the boilerplate README. Further instructions on setting up continuous integration and local deployments are explained there.


curl -L "" -o /usr/local/bin/wpe-tool

You will need Docker to run the tool.


The general help from the tool can be accessed by writing:


in the command line. Currently, it supports a narrow set of commands:

  • wpe-tool init - Initializes a new local copy of a WPEngine install, and pulls the database/plugins/themes into the install so that it can run instantly.
  • wpe-tool sftp - Downloads the database/plugins/themes/any other files from the WPEngine SFTP servers
  • wpe-tool reconfigure - Reconfigures WPE-specific information
  • wpe-tool reset - Reverts files in the repository back to the template from

Configurations for wpe-tool are stored in wpe-config.json in the root of the install directory. Secrets for SFTP and Git are stored in wpe-secrets.json, which is kept separate so it will not be committed to any repository.

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