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Dockerfile for node.js with node_modules in container
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Baseimage for Node.js applications

$ docker build -t uwegerdes/nodejs .

Build with npm-proxy-cache on localhost-ip (accessed from docker internal network)

$ docker build -t uwegerdes/nodejs \
    --build-arg NPM_PROXY="http://$(hostname -i):3143" \
    --build-arg NPM_LOGLEVEL="warn" \

Replace the $(hostname -i) with your proxy address if it's not on localhost - or remove that line.

On loglevel warn you have to wait a while if a greater amount of packages have to be loaded, use info for much more output.


Use this baseimage in other Dockerfiles:

FROM uwegerdes/nodejs


The user node with password node and home directory /home/node is created.

The following variables are set:

  • USER_NAME=node
  • NODE_HOME=/home/node
  • NODE_PATH=/home/node/node_modules:/usr/lib/node_modules
  • NODE_ENV=development

Optional parameter from build command:

Docker Pull Command
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