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A Drupal 8.1.8 based image with minimal configuration setup to support Restful calls.
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Drupal Rest support based on drupal:8.1.8 image. The drupal:8.1.8 has been augmented with modules REST UI and File Entity. Drupal has been configured (set up wizard) to run SQLite! to avoid external dependencies with other containers (development purpose) such as an Mysql or Postgres container which gives database support. This image is intended only for development and testing purposes as it has been configured just to expose RESTful capabilities on a minimalistic basis. Thus NOT suitable for production.
Some data in order to have access to the Drupal administration pages.
Drupal Administrator username: admin
Password: 123456
Admin email address: admin@localhost
Site email address: info@localhost
Please, take notice that this password is permanently embedded in this image. You may change it but it will remain or outlive any container removal!

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