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Husky card event registration web app
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Event Registration

Project to demonstrate an event registration application. The idea being, with this application and some minimal setup you can deploy to a device (desktop/laptop/Raspberry Pi/etc.) capable of running node.js and take attendance via card swipes (magstripe/rfid). Submitting a huskycard rfid/magstrip/netid looks up users regid and passes to PWS to get more user details, and adds users to a UW Group leaf. After collecting users a list of registered users in plain/verbose format can be returned as well as the UW group will have the member list or download a list as a CSV. Verbose output from the API includes various user information as well as gia base64 encoded image from their husky card.

This project is also intended to be a reference on how to use various APIs, see src/backend/models for the various APIs as examples.


  • UWCA x509 certificate, authorized for IDCard/PWS/Groups
  • node.js and npm/yarn
  • [optional] docker/docker-compose
  • [optional] card magstrip/rfid reader

Current Features

  • PWS/GroupsWS/IDCard APIs
  • Register users to a UWGroup or memory store
  • Full RESTful API
  • Dev environment hot reloading for server and frontend
  • Dockerhub integration
  • Frontend to show usage possibilities

Docker-Compose Install

version: '3'
    image: uwwebservices/idcard-webapp-poc
      - /path/to/storage:/www/dist/config
      - "1111:1111"

Dev Setup

  1. Copy config.json.example to config.json and update as necessary
  2. Add cert.pfx to config directory or wherever config.json references
  3. npm install && npm run dev


  1. npm run dev -> start development server
  2. npm run build -> build project
  3. npm start -> build project and start in production mode
  4. npm test -> run eslint on src

API Endpoints


GET /api/register[?verbose=[0-2]] - List members in configured group
PUT /api/register/:identifier - Add cardNum (rfid/magstrip/netid) to configured group
DELETE /api/register/:netid - Remove member from group by netid


GET /api/groups/:groupName - List users in groupName
GET /api/groups/:groupName/check - Check if group exists
PUT /api/groups/:groupName/:netid - Add netid to groupName
DELETE /api/groups/:groupName/:netid - Remove netid from groupname
DELETE /api/groups/:groupName - Remove the group from GroupsWS


GET /api/pws/:Id - Returns the full PWS listing for the regId or netId


GET /api/idcard/:cardNum - Returns RegID for given cardNum (rfid/magstrip)
GET /api/idcard/photo/:regId - Returns a base64 image for a regId

Technical Details

  • nodemon for monitoring server file changes
  • webpack-hot-middleware to monitor frontend file changes
  • support for es6 and React transpiling
  • cross-env for environment variables
  • scripts/styles bundled in-memory (dev) and exported (prod)
  • promises everywhere
  • Dockerhub auto-generation (
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