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==>Runtime and SDK:
Supported Tags: 1.28.28, 1.34.6
OpenUI5 Runtime and SDK for version 1.28.28
Version 1.28.28 is the only stable maintenance release by SAP.
SAP Fiori Design Guideline( is based on the controls available with SAPUI5 1.28.
This image is build from Alpine which is quite smaller than other Linux.
The content is hosted on a static file server powered by Golang.

Run the container:
docker run -d -p 5000:9090 uzmo/openui5:1.28.28
Access the libraries:
Runtime: http://<docker machine IP>:5000
SDK: http://<docker machine IP>:5000/sdk

Supported Tag: nodejs
Node.js-Based Development Environment based on

The content is hosted on a nodejs server.

Run the container:
docker run -d -p 5001:8080 uzmo/openui5:nodejs
Access the libraries:
http://<docker machine IP>:5001/testsuite

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