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The irqbalance
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What is irqbalance

Irqbalance is a daemon to help balance the cpu load generated by interrupts across all of a systems cpus. Irqbalance identifies the highest volume interrupt sources, and isolates them to a single unique cpu, so that load is spread as much as possible over an entire processor set, while minimizing cache miss rates for irq handlers.


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This Docker image is based on the official debian:jessie base image.

How do I install irqbalance with this?

If you want to install irqbalance into /usr/local/bin, just do this:

docker run --rm -v /usr/local/bin:/target uzyexe/irqbalance

The uzyexe/balance container will detect that /target is a
mountpoint, and it will copy the irqbalance binary into it.

If you don't trust me, and prefer to extract the irqbalance binary,
rather than allowing my container to potentially wreak havoc into
your system's $PATH, you can also do this:

docker run --rm uzyexe/irqbalance cat /irqbalance > /tmp/irqbalance && chmod +x /tmp/irqbalance

Then do whatever you want with the binary in /tmp/irqbalance.

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