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atom 1.5 from based on ppa:arune/auml-atom-daily build
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Create data only container:

docker run --name atom-data v6net/atom-daily-data

Once run it will list the content of /etc/atom volume used to store the configuration (so it's safe if you accidentaly start it again). Keep it safe as it stores the Atom1.5 configuration!

Run Atom1.5 container:

docker run --name atom --volumes-from atom-data -d -e CANNET=udp: -p 1100:1100/udp v6net/atom-daily

Add '-p 1200:1200' if you would like to connect atomd outside container (for example for installing new software to modules), '-p 1202:1202' if you would like to use atomic outside the container or '-e DEBUG=1' if you would like to have DEBUG loglevel.

You can run atomic inside running atomd container as well:
docker exec -ti atom atomic

Edit the configuration

Inspect the data container to locate the volume with configuration or simply enter:

cd $(docker inspect -f '{{(index .Mounts 0).Source }}' atom-data)

then you can edit the configuration and restart the atom container.

Atom1.5 upgrade

To upgrade you can simply docker stop atom; docker rm atom then run the new container as shown above. All the configuration is preserved in atom-data container.

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