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Update Route53 zone with ECS (EC2 Container Service) host public IP address
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You may have ECS task definitions that need to register an IP change. This image helps you to update a Route53 record with host's public IPv4 address. This way you don't have to use Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) with a single entry and still have redundancy in case of host failure through Auto Scaling.


docker run -d -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxxxxx \
              -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xxxxxx \
              -e AWS_ROUTE53_ZONEID=xxxxxx \
              -e \
              -e AWS_ROUTE53_TTL=600 \
              -e UPDATE_INTERVAL=1000 \

Environment Variables

Environment variables are self explanatory. All you have to do is setup an IAM user with enough permissions to update/create your Route53 record.

IAM Permissions

The only permission you need is ChangeResourceRecordSets in the specific resource. You can use hostedzone/* for all zones if you need or enable the permission only in a few zones.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "Stmt1430773925000",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": [
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