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Rexster 2.6.0 linked to OrientDB 2.0 container
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The primary goal of this image is to provide test and development environment for OrientDB through a Rexster interface. Some configurations are "hard-coded" in config files so the containers are more predictable and require less configuration (that's easy to change).

Rexster is a server that provides two vendor-independent protocols for access and modify Graph databases. It's compatible with Neo4J, OrientDB, Titan and others. Rexster project is led by Tinkerpop.

This container is using Rexter 2.6.0.

OrientDB is an open-source distributed graph database led by Orient Technologies.

This container was tested against OrientDB 2.0.3.

This docker runs a Rexster server linked to a docker with OrientDB server.

Gremlin is a vendor-independent graph traversal language. This container enables Gremlin Extension for Rexter, so Rexster may be executed via REST API and Rexter web console.

Getting started

  1. Pull the OrientDb image: <code>docker pull vagas/orientdb</code>
  2. Pull this image: <code>docker pull vagas/rexster-orientdb</code>
  3. Run OrientDB image: <code>docker run \-\-name orientdb -d -v \<SOME-DIR-ON-YOUR-BOX>:/opt/orientdb/databases -p 2424:2424 -p 2480:2480 vagas/orientdb</code>
  4. Run this image: <code>docker run \-\-name rexster -d -p 8182:8182 -p 8183:8183 -p 8184:8184 \-\-link orientdb:orientdb vagas/rexster-orientdb</code>
  5. Go to http://localhost:8182

All data will be saved to \<SOME-DIR-ON-YOUR-BOX>, so you can drop and recreate the OrientDB container without lose data. If you are testing and there is no problem loosing data, remove the <code>-v \<SOME-DIR-ON-YOUR-BOX>:/opt/orientdb/databases</code> from step 3 above.

Default databases

The vagas/orientdb images is pre-configured with 2 databases:

  1. An in-memory database called "test". Perfect for automated tests.
  2. An local storage database called "development". Good to create data containers with database in different states.

Please, refer to vagas/orientdb README if you want to change that.

Mapped ports

  • Port 2480 is OrientDB web console.
  • Port 2424 is OrientDB RexPro protocol.
  • Port 8184 is Rexster web console and REST API.
  • Port 8182 access the database via RexPro binary protocol (useful for rexpro-ruby gem)
  • Port 8183 is Rexster shutdown port: <code>telnet localhost 8183</code>, then <code>sw</code> ("s" stops and "status" reports shutdown status)

Connect to other databases

You can add your own rexster.xml configuration when running this image.

Replace step 4 above to:

<code>docker run --name rexster -d -p 8182:8182 -p 8183:8183 -p 8184:8184 -v \<DIR-WITH-REXSTER-XML-INSIDE>:/opt/rexster/config --link orientdb:orientdb vagas/rexster-orientdb</code>

Where is a directory in the host with rexster.xml inside.

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