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SSH server container with the socat package installed to forwarding the `/var/run/docker.sock`.
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Based opon robbertkl/ssh

Docker container running OpenSSH server:


Run like this:

docker run -d -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS="..." -p 2222:22 valdisxp1/sshd-socat

or you can using an url:

docker run -d -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS_URL="https://..." -p 2222:22 valdisxp1/sshd-socat

You can then SSH with user root.

Updating the keys in an existing container

When AUTHORIZED_KEYS_URL is populated the keys will be re-downloaded:

  1. on restart
  2. by running docker exec <container_name> /

If the website is down or the new keys are invalid, they will be ignored and the old keys used instead.

This doesn't do much when there is only a static key specified with AUTHORIZED_KEYS.

Connecting to the docker remotely via SSH by forwarding the docker socket

This assumes docker is already working on the server and docker client is installed on the client.

  1. Run the valdisxp1/sshd-socat container on the server. Mount the docker socket as a volume, i.e., -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock. Specify the keys as usual.
  2. Dowload on the client
  3. Specify your ssh connection details and run this in a seperate shell (must have this open):

    sudo ./forward_socket --local_path /var/run/docker2.sock --local_user $(id -un) "ssh -i <path-to-key> root@<server-host> -p 2222" /var/run/docker.sock

    Local path is /var/run/docker2.sock to avoid possible conflicts with local docker.

  4. You can now connect to the remote docker by adding -H unix:///var/run/docker2.sock to your command.


     docker -H unix:///var/run/docker2.sock ps

    Alternatively you can use the enviroment variable.

     export DOCKER_HOST="unix:///var/run/docker2.sock"
     docker ps

Environment variables

  • AUTHORIZED_KEYS (comma-separated list of SSH keys)
  • AUTHORIZED_KEYS_URL url for downloading the SSH keys. I strongly recomend using HTTPS here.



This repo is published under the MIT License.

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