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PHPenv Dockerfile for trusted automated Docker builds. Based on Debian wheezy
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PHPenv Dockerfile for trusted automated Docker builds.

PHPenv Dockerfile

This repository contains Dockerfile of PHPenv for Docker's automated build published to the public Docker Hub Registry.

Base Docker Image

  • debian:wheezy


  1. Install Docker.

  2. Download automated build from public Docker Hub Registry: docker pull vandries/phpenv

    (alternatively, you can build an image from Dockerfile: docker build -t="vandries/phpenv"


docker run -d vandries/phpenv

This version intall raw phpenv. Right way to use it :

docker run -i -t vandries/phpend /bin/bash
$> phpenv install php-5.x.y
$> phpenv global 5.x.y
$> phpenv rehash

Usage with specific version

Images with specific version of PHP are now available.

docker run -d vandries/phpenv:5.x

Supported versions :

  • 5.3 : 5.3.29
  • 5.4 : 5.4.32
  • 5.5 : 5.5.16
  • 5.6 : 5.6.0
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