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Short Description
word cloud to show cognitive concepts associated with voxelwise encoding models
Full Description

Cognitive Atlas Voxel Visualization


Without Docker

  cd cogatcloud

Then go to in your browser.

With Docker

  git clone
  cd cogatcloud
  docker-compose up -d

You will then need to get the ipaddress of your docker web:

  docker inspect cogatcloud_web_1 |grep "IPAddress"

And it should be repeated twice (will have better solution for this). Then go to ${IPADDRESS}:5000 in your browser.

About the Visualization

The visualization allows you to see the cognitive concepts that are associated with each voxel (a spatial location indicated by an x,y,z coordinate) in the brain. The size of the cognitive concepts represents the contribution to the model for that voxel. See the info icon in the upper left of the visualization to learn more.

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