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Automated Tool Operations Management System
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Automated Tool Operation Management System

A support system for device interlocking in a hack-/makerspace.

This software uses a LokiJS database for its tool configuration and supports configurable authentication back-ends.


  • Install node.js
  • Install modules

For development:

npm install

For production:

npm install --production


Start by adding a new config.json file, see config.json.sample for an example.

OAuth Access

When setting up OAuth providers, the callback set in the provider should be http://<host>/oauth/(github|google|slack)/callback.

For google callbacks you cannot use internal IP addresses however you can use a host name with a valid domain name regardless if
the IP resolves to an internal or external address.


If dev dependencies are installed you can run all test cases with

npm test


To set the port set the environment variable PORT to whatever port you want to listen to, by default it's 3004

npm start

To enable debug logging then set the environment variable DEBUG to atoms:* to log all atoms related events.

Docker container

Run bin/ to bootstrap and run the container, which will be made available under the name "atoms".

Alternatively, checkout the vanhack/atoms package from Docker Hub.


Based on original work by garthomite on

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