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A Prometheus exporter for synse-server metrics
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This repository is deprecated. Official support for the Prometheus exporter for Synse Server now lives in the Synse GraphQL repository.

synse-prometheus provides a Prometheus exporter for the metrics being provided by your data center and IT equipment. You can use this, in conjunction with Prometheus to monitor these metrics and alert on them.

Kick the tires

make run

To keep everything tied together, this starts a prometheus server up for you. Send your browser to http://localhost:9090 and play around.

To stop it, you can run:

make down

Note: the default configuration uses the embedded synse-server and ipmi emulator. If you'd like to use a different backend, check out --help.


docker run -it --rm vaporio/synse-prometheus python --help
  • To specify which synse-graphql instance to collect data from, set the SYNSE_GRAPHQL environment variable to the url of the graphql server.
  • Configure your prometheus server. For more detailed documentation, see the [prometheus docs]. An example config:
  scrape_interval:     15s

  - job_name: 'synse'

    # Override the global default
    scrape_interval: 300s

      - targets: ['synse-prometheus:9243']


Run the server

make build dev
  • From outside the container (or inside it), you can run curl localhost:9243

Run the tests (as part of development)

make build dev

See nosetests for some more examples. Adding @attr('now') to the top of a function is a really convenient way to just run a single test.

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