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tanaguru accessibility tester
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docker pull varkal/tanaguru
docker run -d -t -p 8080:8080 --cap-add SYS_PTRACE varkal/tanaguru /bin/bash

Wait several seconds for tomcat7 start.

Go to localhost:8080 or $(boot2docker ip):8080 if you are on Windows or Mac OSX

The default account is

Login :

Pass : tanaguru

Docker Pull Command

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3 months ago

Merci @mfaure ! C'est vraiment une très bonne nouvelle !

a year ago

Hi @fedir @varkal

You should use the Docker Image of Asqatasun

Asqatasun is the fork of Tanaguru by its creator. You will have :

  • an active community, especially on the forum
  • new SEO rules
  • French RGAA v3 accessibility rules translated to English
2 years ago

@mfaure We had launched the project on Github :

All is wonderful except what in tanaguru installation script there is no option to precise the address of external database host. Do You think it's possible to add it ?

Otherwise, we could create single machine project, but as You'd noticed, it's not the best solution.

2 years ago

(ok for the passwd, I just made a typo)

A dockerfile should be built from scratch. Start from an existing image. You have two ways:

  • Use the Ubuntu image and add all commands from the installer. Quite straightforward, but not docker-compliant as all data will be lost on reboot and the image will be really fat (2.5Gb), but that may be a good starting point.
  • Better, start from the Tomcat image, add a Mysql or MariaDB image, add a volume to store database data, create a link between containers, and finally add all remaining stuff (XVFB+Firefox) on the Tomcat image. This way you follow more or less the idea of one process / service per container and keep your user data in a volume.

Here is an interesting Docker tutorial and the full video playlist of Docker tutorial

2 years ago

The pass is tanaguru.

Sorry, i don't use a Dockerfile, I have run a shell and do all operations manually.
After, i stop the container and commit.

I'm new to Docker. Maybe it's possible to generate a dockerfile from the container ?

2 years ago

For using it, go to http://localhost:8080/tanaguru/.

Login is but what is the password ?

2 years ago

Cool ! Would you publish the docker file so we can work together on it ?

2 years ago

Merci beaucoup pour le partage de Tanaguru, cette super-outil pour contrôler l'accessibilité des sites Web. En plus, ça l'air supporter RGAA v3, l'actuel standard de l'accessibilité Web en France.