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CentOS6 + logfaces v4.1.2 inside.

You could run it with your own configs, just map your storage to /root/logFacesServer/conf to save generated
configs and put your initial configs to ./initial-config/.

E.g.: put your lfs.xml, lfs.lic, to /mnt/data/lfs/initial-config/ and map /mnt/data/lfs/initial-config/ to /root/logFacesServer/conf.

Environment variables

  • MONGO_URL like

How to run it

docker run -d -t -p 8050:8050 -p 55200:55200 -p 1468:1468 -p 55201:55201 -p 514:514/udp \ 
-e "" -v /mnt/data/lfs:/root/logFacesServer/conf \
--name lfs-prod varsy/logfaces
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