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CentOS6 + nagios nrpe client

This is a node nagios container which allows you to run various checks on
running machine. The main goal is to create nagios alerts container
automatically, just place conf file to /conf/nagios/nrpe.cfg.

TODO: generate a server config and send it to server on start and delete it
from server on stop.

List of environment variables

  • ETCDCTL_PEERS - address of etcd service to watch reload signal. Optional.
  • ETCDCTL_WATCH - path inside etcd to watch reload signal. Optional.


Run it like that:

docker run -d -e ETCDCTL_PEERS="" -p 5666:5666 \
--volumes-from=configurator --name nagios varsy/nagios-client

where configurator is a container which share its volume /conf/nagios/ with
nrpe.cfg file inside.

Reload configuration on the fly

New configuration files should be at /conf/nagios/ directory then you need to send reload string to ETCDCTL_WATCH path to initiate reload of nagios.
You may use varsy/configurator container to manage git based configuration and reload nrpe daemon.
Use templates of configuration from confd directory.

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